Mary O’Donnell (Fulkerson), BFA, MFA, University of Illinois, Urbana, and FELLOW of Dartington College of Arts, teaches Release and choreography.  She choreographs, particularly using open-form strategies, and is the initiator of the concept “Responsible Anarchy.”   Her solo and group works have been performed in twenty-one countries.  She is the author of the concepts “Responsible Anarchy” and  “Ethical Reformation” which she has promoted through performance as  both, concepts and aesthetic positions describing our time.  Her book Release, Seven Zones of Comprehension Coming from the Practice of Dance, is available on this website.  The Release manual of images for individual study is available through Exeter University, Arts Documentation.  

“I teach Release, and this provides students with personal vocabulary to set along side their traditional skills in both modern and classical dance, as well as giving them a means to consider their own rules for life.  Implicit in the topic of Release are: alignment, concentration, focus, total involvement, investigation of your own thought process, simplicity in approaching life’s challenges, and active integration of mind and body.”

Mary teaches Release and Choreography at the undergraduate and graduate levels at colleges and universities, and through workshops in studios and theatres worldwide.  Through these subjects a person’s perceptions, concepts, human narratives and conditions  meet with physical possibilities, to create realities of communication.”

“I believe in the vast and real forces that affect lives today—and that these forces may be turned to the good. I believe that each person who dances or creates dance is capable of incredible and interesting statements that fill the world with light.  I am certain that Release, and Dance Making/Choreography  are visionary fields of discovery and invention.  However small each of us is, as we create, we reach for the stars.” MO


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